Our Story

Our Story


We are made of Light. The moment we are born, the positions of the Cosmos is aligned.

It's an excellent example of perspective, awareness, and alignment of our fate instead of physical limits. Our idea of self is that we believe we are detached from the universe, that we are not connected into a cosmic body. The Sun, Moon, and the stars influence Earth and everyone in it — all connected into the shrouded energy of cosmic oneness.

During the precious moments of our birth, all of us become part of one consciousness in the universe. It is only natural we are affected by the elements of the universe.

In the midst of the hardships and challenges, we are doomed to get lost with the chaos around us. Yet we barely know our lives can be transformed by the distinctiveness of the human mind, that we are profoundly defined by our experience. We run around with visions, stuck in our heads, of how things are supposed to go. But we barely even notice what the stars are trying to tell us.

One of the hallmarks of creation is welcoming curiosity, adventure, and kindness. We created Star Vibe, to embrace the message from the stars. To communicate and combine styles that blend with various elements to support oneness, allow different ideas, and imperfection. To embrace your true calling, your purpose, and live an impactful life. To align with your chosen passion and then living that.

This classic example of destiny and the power of will may help you fully grasp these ideas.

There was a young boy who lived in an orphanage, he started working at the age of 10. Starting from a restaurant as a dishwasher. He had washed hundreds of plates before becoming a bakery assistant. He helped baked loaves of bread before he became a carwash attendant. He washed hundreds of cars. Throughout, he had 20 jobs that shaped his life. The cards are stacked against him. He was pushed against the wall. But he persevered against all odds.

The young boy’s will was so strong, stronger than the society’s will to see him fail. The entire universe shifted and came in his support and created conditions to allow him to thrive. If a young boy like Gerald, can move the whole universe, think what can the will of an adult can do.

Despite all the challenges, there is inner strength that guides us. In these hard times, we learn life is our greatest teacher. Event when we hit rock bottom in our lives, remember to have faith and it's meant to make you into someone magnificent, like what the stars have shown even before you were born.

The Creation of Star Vibe

Many of us aspire to do work that matters, search for meaning in our hearts, and something that excites other people forward. But we never seek to understand why destiny is driving us in a different direction.

We strongly believe in living a purposeful life and being impactful with everything we do. This beautiful pieces of bracelets are made with a full heart and active hands. To remind everyone about sticking to our core values and turning these into our inner strength when life throw challenges to us, this will remind us about our purpose forming into something more magnificent than you could have imagined, letting all the parts work together in harmony. We created what already lives within us, bringing it here to perceive a possibility.

My lovely wife and I designed all the bracelets in our beautiful country, Malaysia. Each has its own special power and efficacy. Energy zings through each one, you can feel it.

Your support not only fuels our little passion but will provide us a great platform for us to spread positivity and possibility across the globe.

With much love,

Gerald and Fanny